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Welcome to the Federal Vehicle Standards Website! The Federal Vehicle Standards classifies various types and sizes of commercially available vehicles, and establishes minimum technical, quality, and optional equipment specifications. The standards ensure vehicles purchased by GSA are safe, durable, and economical, and provide uniformity in the acquisition process. These standards are developed by GSA and are published annually to cover current model year vehicles. The Federal Vehicle Standards are posted for comments from interested parties for approximately 30 days during certain parts of the year as part of the annual development, coordination, and maintenance of the standards. We want to hear your feedback regarding these vehicles! NOTE! Please watch this page for notifications regarding comment period times and the applicable standards.
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Comment Period - Light, Ambulance, Vocational, Wheelchair, Medium/Heavy, Ambulance, Main Bus, Transit bus COMMENT PERIODS OPEN: 5/02/2022 - 5/23/2022 - Light vehicles 4/4/2022 - 5/4/2022 - Wheelchair, vocational, ambulance, bus 4/11/2022 - 5/13/2022 - Medium/heavy vehicles 5/30/2022 - 6/22/2022 -Transit Bus The Federal Vehicle Standards comment collection period for Light vehicles opens on May 2, 2022 and closes May 23, 2022. The Federal Vehicle Standards comment collection period for Wheelchair, Vocational, Ambulance, and Main bus opens on April 4 2022 and closes May 4, 2022. The Federal Vehicle Standards comment collection period for Medium and Heavy vehicles opens on April 4, 2022 and closes May 4, 2022. The Federal Vehicle Standards comment collection period for Transit Bus opens on May 30, 2022 and closes June 20, 2022. Also, please take this opportunity to comment on the Draft 2023 Federal Standards for all programs. The comment collection periods supports the required coordination activities for vehicle standards and specifications development. We accept comments online at the Federal Vehicle Standards website. When you open the standards website follow the steps below: Log in with existing account or create a new account with a valid email address Select the year 2023 Click on the tabs to select the Standard Item or Documentation you wish to provide comments Please note that comments submitted for vehicles other than the specified vehicles will not be considered. If you have any questions, please contact John Hampson, Branch Chief, Vehicle Engineering Branch at We look forward to hearing from you! GSA Fleet


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